The Verification Process - Shared screen with speaker view
Rosanne Pasenelli
We will being at 10:00. All participants will be muted for the entire session. Questions should be posted in the chat.
Rosanne Pasenelli
This session will focus on the financial aid verification process.
Rosanne Pasenelli
Good morning.
Leslie Mejia
I had a Social Security Input Mistake on my CSU Application, however it was inputted correctly on Fafsa. I mailed and uploaded the documents in ends of March to fix the mistake and no changes have been made.
Aliya Bram
Hi! thank you for putting on this presentation. I was awarded a Cal Grant through CSAC, yet on Aid Link I was selected to verify my eleigibility for this grant. I was aksed to physically mail documents which I did and I also sent it electronically through Aid Link. I did this two weeks ago. When will I recieve confirmation that you have recvieved my documents?
How do I sign my Student Summary and Certification form? Do I have to print it, and sign it then upload it or email it? or mail it? The form doesn’t let me sign it electronically.
Enrique Arana
I filled out the CSU Questionnaire and it states that I need to turn it in in person, but since I can’t go to campus I send it through AidLink and I got a response saying that I need to do it in person, what can I do?
Leslie Mejia
On the tax return of 2018 used for Fafsa, my Dad, was working however since 2019 he has been on disability leave and my mom is unemployed. Does that change my financial aid package?
gerardo Garcia
I put wrong information for my household info in parents and students summary I put my sisters as father on accident, and am I suppose to add my parents? Or just those in school, I am looking ro change the info but I can not find where to edit it says it was received online
Rachel Membreno
I filed my fafsa as an independent. I have not received my non-filing verification from the IRS and I cant use my legal guardian's tax transcript (My parent are not present). would I still receive financial aid in fall 2020 if the IRS is still not mailing out the non-filing verification? do you know when the IRS will be Mailing out again ?
When submitting the Student's Verification Worksheet data on aidlink, I put that I had no income in 2018. I’ve had contact with a counselor and they said to mail in changes. But, due to the pandemic everything is closed, I cannot mail in any changes I want to make in the verification application on aidlink. What do I do?
Hillary Ly
If my brother was claimed as a dependent by our guardian, who is not a court ordered guardian and we are unable to provide information from our biological parents, does he have to provide this guardian’s financial information, or is he still able to do a dependency override?
Aliya Bram
Are we able to know the changes sdsu financial aid made to our fafsa form??
How do I sign my Student Summary and Certification form? Do I have to print it, and sign it then upload it or email it? or mail it? The form doesn’t let me sign it electronically.
Brannon Bell
Leslie Mejia
We can't get verified until IRS sends in our tax return transcript?
Aliya Bram
Under documents which section would I submit documents if I was requested for verification for a grant?
maria esplana
According to the AidLink, I had to do the summary and certification, however, I can’t do the tax return transcript since they only allow online requests as of right now. I do not have any credit card number or any loan that they needed. Are there any alternatives that we can do?
Sofia Alduenda
Leslie Mejia
When we upload it can we just take a picture of it or scan it?
Zohra K
Where would we sign on the tax return transcript?
Hillary Ly
Do I qualify for grants in the fall if the fall will be my 9th semester at the university? Is this considered over the 4 years eligibility for financial aid?
Zohra K
Would the financial aid shown on Student Account Services only be an estimate then? Like for what's shown for summer aid, we wouldn't receive anything until it's verified?
SDSU Financial Aid
The 3 portals to check regularly are: Webportal, Aidlink & the Student Account Services portal.
If I want to send a electronically signed verification worksheet, do I send to financial aid email or upload it to aidlink?
SDSU Financial Aid
Email: fao@sdsu.edu
Leslie Mejia
When you log into IRS must your parent log in on their account if it was their Tax Return or on our own account?
Dora Torres
I have already emailed FAO, regarding me being unable to obtain my Non-Filing Verification letter. I have tried to access online, phone and even mailed IRS back on March 20th. FAO instructed me to submit a written signed statement which indicated the steps that I followed to obtain the documents needed. I also do not have any W-2 documents because I am a declared as dependent on my parents taxes, I am 24. Will I still receive my financial aid with the statement I uploaded on Aidlink? Will it be before tuition and fees are due?
Zohra K
Would I not receive any summer aid until it's verified even though Student Account Services says I have aid?
Leslie Mejia
Is signing up for orientation the ($123) covered by financial aid? I received a confirmation # and date yet I didn't pay.