Scholarships (7/23/20) - Shared screen with speaker view
SDSU Financial Aid
The session will start in a few minutes. Due to the number of participants, everyone aside from the panelists will be muted. If you have questions, please type them in the chat box. We will answer them after the presentation. Please do not use the “raise hand” option during this session. Thank you!
Josiah Imperial
Good morning Miss Hooker. :)
SDSU Financial Aid
For Financial Aid Questions email us at: FAO@sdsu.eduFor Scholarship related questions email us at: scholars@sdsu.eduOur website is: https://sa.sdsu.edu/financial-aidThis session and prior sessions are recorded & are available on our homepage.
SDSU Financial Aid
Yes- this session is being recorded and will be available on the financial aid homepage.
Ashley Conway
When are scholarships due by?
Cindy Hua
Are scholarships only for fulltime students?
Josiah Imperial
Can more scholarship opportunities be posted after the general application deadline?
are their scholarships for theatre majors
Gabrielle Washington
Are there any scholarships for off-campus housing?
Gabrielle Washington
Does the amount of scholarship received affect your financial aid package?
naseem alniser
i applied for scholarships that was the deadline on 5/31/2020, but I can’t view the status.. how do i know if i got awarded or not?
Josiah Imperial
Can more scholarship opportunities be posted after the general application deadline?
Kelly Fouquier
Hi! I received Michael & Christine Pack International Business Endowed Scholarship (& accepted w/ thank you letter) as well as the Middle Class Scholarship… Will these scholarships automatically reduce my tuition? Also: I took loans out for more than I needed since I found out about these scholarships afterwards. Will I then receive the difference from the loan in the form of a check or direct deposit?
Michael Lickver
Do SDSU Pell Grant and Cal Grant automatically covering tuition costs? Or how does it work? Do I have to pay tuition costs ahead of time and then am reimbursed or do I not pay anything is my grants amount is greater than my tuition costs? And is the grant money that exceeds tuition costs mailed to me in checks or how does that work?
Claudia Cabal
Hello! My son received 3 recommended scholarships to apply. However, all 3 really have nothing to do with his major engineering (one is for a Classics major) and/or his incoming freshman status (one was for a returning adult student to university studies). In other words, he does not qualify for the recommended scholarships. Pls advise.
Josiah Imperial
^Same feeling here.
Jimena Gamero
One of my outside scholarships is asking for a financial aid contact person name, email, and phone number. Do you have this info, so I can write it down or where can I find it?
Claudia Cabal
Are the scholarships listed in the Opportunities tab where we are instructed no need to apply, are these the scholarships that have been matched with his general scholarship application submitted?
Sarah Fisher
Also, I'm not seeing half the questions you're responding to in the call. I'm confused as to how I submit questions?