Ethnic Studies Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Wil Weston
Please raise your blue hand and I will call on you. :)
Wil Weston
Or if you like, you can pose your question in chat.
ASCSU Eileen Klink
I have a cocmment
ASCSU Irene Matz
Dr. Wood, what campus are you from?
J. Luke Wood (he/him/his)
San Diego State
Roberto D. Hernández
In the SDSU case, the overlay is still taught all by Ethnic Studies scholars and are courses that form part of our broader ES curriculum
Jennifer Imazeki
I might be missing something - I thought our (SDSU's) requirement IS an Ethnic Studies requirement. We allow those ethnic studies courses to also satisfy other requirements (which we are calling an overlay) but students are required to specifically take an ES course. So it is both a specific requirement that all students must take an ES course, and also an overlay.
Monica Casper (Dean of CAL)
Madhavi will be speaking to the SDSU model shortly. And we will also hear from the Ethnic Studies chairs.
David Kamper (he/him/s)
yes Jennifer this is correct
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
Agreed Jennifer. I’ve been trying to write it out on a pad here to show it’s the same and actually stronger
Michael Domínguez (he/him/his/él)
Cristian, we have several initiatives around that very issue - preparing Ethnic Studies educators - as SDSU. Please reach out to me and I’d be happy to share and discuss everything we have been working on.
Cristian Aquino Sterling
Important point re the education of CSU teachers who will be working with K-12 students in CA. It would be great if CSUs could develop a Professional Learning Community (PLC) around Ethnic Studies curriculum and pedagogy for K-12. Resources: https://www.amazon.com/Transformative-Ethnic-Studies-Schools-Multicultural/dp/0807763454 (b) Toward an Ethnic Studies Pedagogy: Implications for K-12 Schools from the Research” byAllyson Tintiangco-Cubales • Rita Kohli • Jocyl Sacramento • Nick Henning •Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath • Christine Sleeter.
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
Revolutionary Pedagogy - Molefi Kete Asante
ASCSU adam swenson
Thank you for this important work. I was hoping you could respond to a concern raised by one of my Asian American studies colleagues: if the requirement is part of lower division ge it may disadvantage some of the disciplines since most students who satisfy it at community colleges will take Africana studies or Chicano Studies since they have less Asian American and American Indian studies programs. Thank you again!
Michael Domínguez (he/him/his/él)
SDSU has a Certificate in Ethnic Studies Pedagogy - developed among our ES departments and colleagues in the School of Education - that should become active in this coming school year. While short of a Minor, this puts in place a 12 unit program of study to prepare K-12 educators for teaching Ethnic Studies, understanding the epistemologies and ideologies, and pedagogies, of the field.
Monica Casper (Dean of CAL)
@Cristian, please reach out to the ethnic studies chairs in CAL…they are working on curriculum for teachers.
Charles Toombs, he, his, they
CFA has a working group on connecting Teacher Education and Ethnic Studies. Theresa Montano (CSU Northridge) and Patricia Lopez (CSU Fresno) are leading this effort. They have held several zoom meetings. Please contact either or me for more information. They will appreciate your involvement and contribution.
Cristian Aquino Sterling
Thank you, Hon. Dr. Weber for your thoughtful/strategic responses. I will be in touch! @ Dominguez: - Thank you! I will reach out. It is great to know there are initiatives on this crucial topic… @Casper: thank you! I will reach out to Ethnic Studies Chair, Dr. Alkebulan. Aseo-O! Peace!
Cristian Aquino Sterling
I must head to another mtg. Grateful for this Town Hall! Thank you!! Have a great day!
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
And the Ethnic Studies prefix has primacy in the requirement
Madhavi McCall
Thanks, Norah!
Madhavi McCall
Just as an added note, we tried very hard not to add units to high unit majors. We succeeded. Over the summer, a thorough analysis of majors (and as applied to transfers) found that only 1 major with about 40 students in the university would have a problem implementing the requirement as written. We did waive the requirement for this year while we work on ensuring that major does not need to add units to satisfy the requirement.
J. Luke Wood (he/him/his)
Thank you Adisa for your leadership.
Wil Weston
Agreed! Thank you Adisa. :)
Arlette Baljon
Madhavi is that Chemistry and Chemical Physics?
Madhavi McCall
No - it was liberal studies. Christina Molina did the analysis. Advising was initially concerned that the SDSU model would impact transfer students in particular and they thought it would a few majors. After they did the analysis - it was only the one.
Adisa Alkebulan
Thanks Luck and Will!
Madhavi McCall
All FTF are not (generally - there could always be the odd case) impacted. The concern was mostly about options for transfers.
ASCSU adam swenson
Thanks SDSU for putting this on and letting ASCSU folks participate!
Arlette Baljon
Strange, but I do not know the details. Chemistry and Chemical Physics have now 120 units, but they are told to take a class that double count as Ethnic Studies, American Institutions. That will work assuming there are enough seats available in these classes.
Madhavi McCall
Yes - that will work. We have over 1300 seats per semester in American Institutions in Ethnic Studies depts. We also have 300 or so in the summer. Since students have 4 semesters to take ethnic studies at the lower division, they can fill it in this class. They can also take a lower division explorations. But that was the main reason American Institutions was left in the Ethnic Studies requirement.
Madhavi McCall
That is - to make it doable for the sciences
Madhavi McCall
Sorry - I meant students can take a lower division foundations class in ethnic studies as well.
Jennifer Imazeki
AND still CDO!
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
Isn’t the CO suggesting a particular area be reduced?
Arlette Baljon
Yes our area D Norah
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
I think it’s important to realize that our current requirement does not disadvantage other programs
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
We went through many negotiations to make this work for all
Roberto D. Hernández
The Statewide Strategy subcommittee of the Council on ES is asking the CES Steering Committee to look at SDSU as a model for all CSUs as it preempts all the problems being created by the CO plan
ASCSU Eileen Klink
Thanks to all for organizing this Town Hall; it was truly illuminating--hearing both Shirley Weber and those representatives from SDSU. Madhavi McCall has centered on our discussions at CSULB.
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
Excellent Town Hall
Roberto D. Hernández
first CO, ASCSU, CES collaborative mtg tomorrow at 3pm I believe. Will report back as soon as I get update
Farid Abdel-Nour
Thank you Jose
Nola Butler-Byrd
That’s correct Roberto—the meeting is tomorrow. I’m attending it and I’ll report back.
Arlette Baljon
psychology will also be affected if units in area D are reduced
Roberto D. Hernández
Yes, thanks Jose.
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
I think you need to show that Ethnic Studies doesn’t lose under our model but the other occial studies will under the CO model
Norah Shultz (she,her,hers)
EJ Sobo
thank you!