Town Hall on Repopulation - Shared screen with speaker view
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1) Introduction and Overview: President de la Torre (5) , Chair Weston (5) (total 10 minutes)2) Health and Safety Foundations: Libby Skiles, Jessica Rentto, Richard Shaffer (12 minutes)3) Plan and Guidance for Instruction and Instructors: Provost Ochoa, Stefan Hyman, Bill Tong, Sasha Chizik (15 minutes)4) Instruction in Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Lessons Learned, Jerry Sheehan, James Frazee, (5 minutes)5) Plan and Support for Students, Including Equity, Student Success, and Enforcement: VP Luke Wood (10 minutes)6) Plan for Research: VP Hala Madanat, AVP Stanley Maloy (10 minutes)7) Repopulation Planning Timeline and Initial Guidance: Jerry Sheehan, Jessica Rentto (8 minutes)8) Facilities and Planning: Agnes Wong Nickerson (5 minutes)9) Where We Go From Here: President Adela de la Torre, (5 minutes)
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Chris Turntine
Who will be responnsible for mask wearing compliance in public spaces like the library or prospective student center? What happens when someone from the public refuses to mask?
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We will make the recording of this town hall available on the Senate website here: https://senate.sdsu.edu/agendas-minutes
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Brittany Santos-Derieg
Beginning to paste questions here for when we transition to Q&A:
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To President de la Torre: Deniece Hasson asked, “Do we have an idea about the timeline in which the vaccine will be fully approved? Also, what is the timeframe in which students will be required to submit their vaccine documentation after fully approved?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To President de la Torre: Sanford Bernstein asked “How will outside vendors and other visitors to the campus be handled regarding vaccination and facial covering policies?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Eyal Oren, a number of questions have been asked how long we expect mask wearing to be with us. Can you share from a PH perspective?To the President, to build on that, “How long will masks be required on campus?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Stanley, Richard Burkett asked, “I have professor emeritus status and would like to continue limited art research. Will emeritus faculty be permitted on campus for research?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Luke Wood, Michelle Knowlton asked “What will policies look like for student organization events who hope to host events in person? Will there be a Student Life and Leadership training to inform student org advisors/officers?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Jessica Rentto, “Can those staff that are fully vaccinated return to campus now?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Provost Ochoa, “Will HEERF funding be available to train lab course TAs that have never been to campus to use equipment before? We envision at least a couple of additional weeks before the semester.”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Randy Timm, “Are the CARES and connects programs available to Graduate students and what is the webpage to learn more?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To the President (for deferral to Andrea): “What is the policy with regard to international students who might have received a COVID vaccine that is not approved by the U.S.? We received a question from a returning student from China who received a vaccine in China and was wondering about the vaccine requirement at SDSU.”
Stanley Maloy
For any questions about research repopulation, please email dri-cov2@sdsu.edu
Randall Timm
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For the President, supplemented by Andrea “Who will be subject to COVID testing and how often?”
Randall Timm
SDSU Connects Website: https://sacd.sdsu.edu/diversity-initiatives/sdsu-connects
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To be directed to Jessica and Andrea: “Will there be a protocol for students or other individuals entering a classroom or an office? Or will we assume that everyone is vaccinated and/or it's fine as long as they are wearing a mask?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To the President: Are the no physicial distancing guidelines for Fall 2021 due to the vaccination requirement to be on campus?
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Jessica: “when and how individual staff be informed about when exactly they are required to be back on campus.”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Jessica: Monica Cortez asked, “What if you are a staff member required to come to campus to help faculty with their office moves and you still haven't been vaccinated. Is that following policy?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Libby: “Are international students allowed to travel to the U.S. without being vaccinated at the time of traveling?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Agnes or Eric, “Who do we contact or report incidents if a visitor or contractor does not comply with facial covering policies?
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Eric, “How can we be certain that our building/classroom/offices have adequate ventilation? (e.g., Hepner Hall is one of the older buildings).”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For the President, from Todd Kennedy: “How will access to the university spaces for non-SDSU personnel (i.e. prospective students, parents, general public, etc.) look?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Randy, “Assuming that there will be transmission prevention requirements in place in the residence halls, will frats and sororities be encouraged to comply with the same”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Libby, “Are there allowances or exceptions made to the policies for minors (those under 16) who are involved in on-campus activities?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Jerry, “Why not have faculty and staff upload their vaccination cards too? Won't that give you a better idea of how many in our community are vaccinated?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For the President, “Is SDSU working on a long term telework agreement to provide felxibility for staff as the campus repopulates?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Eyal, there is a question about how long the vaccine lasts. “Given that the vaccines only last a year and by the time we reach fall repopulation, it will have been 7 or so months since most of us have been eligable. Will we have to get vaccinated year over year?
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Sasha, “ And can we as instructors opt to zoom teach if WE are having symptoms or otherwise can’t be there to teach in person on a given day?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Eyal, “In terms of mask requirements, are there any standards as to a minimum mask effectiveness? For example, I see people with very sheer one layer nylon face coverings which are not very protective. Is any mask OK? Thanks for all your hard work to get our campus open.”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Luke, “Would our faculty and students be allowed participate in events that do not have the same requirements that we do (especially in states that have low levels of vaccination)?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For the President and Andrea: “If there are no physical distance requirements in the fall, and students and other individuals are allowed to be exempt from vaccines, how will we actually know if we are safe in our classrooms? (Especially when we teach large (80+ students) classes...Will exempt individuals provide recent test results when they enter campus or our classrooms each day?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To the President, from Dean Casper: “Could you please speak to travel restrictions, and whether/when faculty, staff, and students might be able to travel again? Thank you!”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
For Sasha, “Question for a faculty member: If an OERC accommodation is requested and granted, can faculty request to teach a synchronous online course, or will the only option be online asynchronous?"
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Adela and Sasha, “Did the administration consult with CFA about repopulation? Many other CSU campuses are gradually repopulating with a spring 2022 target.
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Luke, “Will vaccination be required for access to campus venues such as the Aztect Recreation Center, and Aqualplex?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Jerry, “I had assumed students will not be able to register for fall without being vaccinated, but since the EUA won’t be replaced by full approval til summer (or who knows when), they will clearly register pre full approval, and their names will be on instructors’ class rosters. how are instructors to know which students who show up for class the first day are vaccinated or not? Honor system?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Jessica, “I have 2 children, what if one of my children gets Covid-19, what would be the protocol for how long we should not come back to work, because our schools are requiring that our children stay out of school for 14 days?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Agnes, “Can HERFF funds for added sections be used for Spring 2022 and summer 2022, like they are being used for Fall?”
Brittany Santos-Derieg
To Sasha, “Connected classroom is a great idea so we can include IVC students as well - does that impact faculty work load?”
James Frazee
I want to thank the President, Provost, CIO and the entire Council of Vice Presidents for their support and for the unprecedented investment in faculty development and learning space enhancements. These unprecedented investments will pay dividends for SDSU into the foreseeable future!