Parent Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Rose Pasenelli- OFAS & T'Ante Sims- Student Account Services
All participants will be muted throughout this sessions. The session will begin at 11:00.
Rose Pasenelli- OFAS & T'Ante Sims- Student Account Services
Type questions in the Q&A. We can not share detail about specific student accounts.
Rose Pasenelli- OFAS & T'Ante Sims- Student Account Services
Students can contact OFAS by email fao@sdsu.edu
Rose Pasenelli- OFAS & T'Ante Sims- Student Account Services
Questions related to fee and housing costs, bills and direct deposit need to be directed to Student Account Services
if a student was awarded a SUG will that amount be adjusted if they receive a scholarship?
Dan Purdum
If our student receives 3rd party, local scholarship and they send to SDSU, where can our student see it credited? Will it reduce the tuition amount for the following semester? Which site will she be able to track?
Scott Aziz
you want to email our scholarship team at scholars@sdsu.edu please list the name of the scholarship along with the amount. You can view it on the AidLink portal. Yes, it will be applied to tuition and fees.
Amalia Martino
If a 529 plan disbursement is more than the tuition & fees, will additional funds be credited toward housing/meal plan?
Amalia Martino
Are tuition and housing/meal plans paid through different portals? Where can we find a schedule of when funds are due for each?
Regarding parent-plus and subsidized loans, do I have to make any payment when the loans are already approved and pending before my son’s orientation day on Friday (the 17th)?
Mike Samson
Mike Samson
If your loan is enough to cover the tuition you should have received a fee postponement. Check Aidlink to see if you did receive the postponement. If this is the case your son should be able to register without payment
Dan Purdum
Where can we access to link to recording of this call once over? thx.
Scott Aziz
@Dan Purdum please email our financial aid team at fao@sdsu.edu
Janet Sutherland
Hi - is there a final date for a student to receive scholarship offers? i.e. after a certain date, should my student assume that they are not eligible for or being offered any scholarships?
Mike Samson
@DanPurdum The recordings are posted on our website sdsu.edu/financialaid. Our past sessions are currently posted now. Please allow up to a couple of days for new videos to be posted.
Sofia R.
Are there individual loan counseling sessions?
Natalia Guillen
My daughter applied already for the Aztec Scholarships, she hasn’t received any respond yet. When should we expect a response?
Xiela -
If you applied in Aztec Scholarships, you will hear about most scholarship decisions from summer to early fall.
Natalia Guillen
ok, thanks:)
David Barone
Sorry if I missed this, what do I need to do financially prior to my daughter's orientation session?
Natalia Guillen
When is fall starting date?
Mike Samson
@Sofia R. If you are referring to the entrance counseling, this can be done electronically on studentaid.gov. However, if you have questions about your loans and want to speak with a counselor, please send us an email at fao@sdsu.edu and request a phone call. Please provide your RedID, phone number and some good times to be able to reach you.
Sofia R.
thank you
Maria Bessie
My students EFC as determined by FAFSA is 0. However, she is not qualified for fee postponement pay? Will financial aid pay for tuition automatically before new student orientation so she could be able to register for classes?
Laura Heimbach
@klematen 12 units as an undergraduate.
Laura Heimbach
@Raina you can mail your documents to our office.
If we don't have our 2019 tax transcript available yet to include with the Parent Appeal form what can we do? We have our 2018 transcript.
Laura Heimbach
@Terry. Did you file an IRS tax extension? We will need a copy once you file.
Mike Samson
@Maria Bessie If your students grant/loan is not enough cover the tuition (this includes non-resident fees as well) then they would not qualify for the postponement. In order for the loans to be counted towards this, they must be activated. If both are the case and you feel there is an issue, please reach out to us via email at fao@sdsu.edu. If it is not enough and you are not planning on activating the loans, you may want to consider paying the tuition out of pocket or paying the initial installment plan for registration
Mike Samson
@Terry If you do not have access to obtain your 2019 Tax Return Transcript, please submit your complete, signed copy of you Personal Tax Return along with all W-2s. This should include all schedules filed with your taxes if applicable (Schedule 1, Schedule E, etc.)
Mike Samson
Please also submit any additional information that will help us understand the full circumstances
Belinda Rangel
My son only qualified for the unsubsidized loan. If we plan to pay for this semester but might need more money next semester, would you recommend activating the Fall loan or can I wait till spring to get the full amount (fall and spring)
Xiela -
If you have any scholarship questions after the session, you can email scholars@sdsu.edu.
Xiela -
If you have financial aid questions after the session, you can email fao@sdsu.edu
Xiela -
If you have Student Account Services questions after the session, you can email stuaccnt@sdsu.edu
SDSU Financial Aid
For further questions email us at: FAO@sdsu.edu