Housing and Food Insecurity Among SDSU Students - Shared screen with speaker view
Mounah Abdel-Samad
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Alma Vasquez
I wonder if remote learning had an affect as well so students did not have to track down food on a consistent basis (has more consistent access to home cooked food) and had access to food for those students living with family.
Alma Vasquez
yes to just qualify to pay rent in San Diego you must have a certain income threshold
Alma Vasquez
From what I have seen from working with homeless client's and even for myself it is one 1) Personal assessing your own needs and what you can get away with. Have a certain quality of life might not seem like you are having it rough until you have hit rock bottom. I know when I was an intake coordinator most would come to seek help when they had no other means to meet their basic needs anymore or could no longer sustain their poor quality of life.
Carmen Hernandez
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Talia Vukovich
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